Pipefly have commited to the Safe & Clean Certification of Portuguese Tourism Board. By such, Pipefly commited in having prevention procedures for minimizing the risk of spread of SARS-COV2 (Corona Virus) and a mitigation plan for reaction in case of supected infection, by team member or clients.

The rules  applies for both team members and clients.

Our equipments and vans will be clean and desinfected according to the National Health recommendations.

During the activities and everytime that will be possible a 2 meters safe distance will be respected. In close spaces, such as the vans, the mask usage is oblige (masks will be provided to the clients, in the beginning of the activities). Product for desinfecting the hands will be available in the vans, the hands should be cleans everytime the team member or client enter the van.

In the begining of the actity and during the day the body temperature of client and team member will be measure, other symptoms such as cough and difficult of breathing will be as well evaluated. In case of suspiction of infection, the National Health recommendation will be applied.

For more information applies the Internal Protocol.